List of active groups/pages using Calico software:

  • SDCL. Link.
  • Mondego Group (Crista’s lab). Link.
  • Informatics 191 teams. Link.
  • Wichita tech lab. Link.
  • MDP lab. Link.
  • Calico public demo server. Link.
  • Database group. Link.
  • Kyle’s server. Link.
  • Cooper demo server. Link.


Server upkeep:

  • Login with zeus.
  • – Saves all backup files, console logs, and histories.
  • – Cleans and starts threads for all servers.
  • – Terminates all Calico server threads.
  • – Uploads all backups created with to active servers. Servers must be active for this to work. The backup directory¬†must also be set before running.
  • Todo: Create single file for managing servers, also add if statements to to not run servers if their port is active.

Lab Computer IP

  • SDCL-calicoleft –
  • SDCL-calicoright – 12.1920.