The world of software engineering is changing with bots and chatbots. Most of them are pretty simple and automated. In our work, we are exploring more conversational chatbots that work with software developers to achieve complex tasks. We are doing that by developing a range of chatbots:

  1. Code Conflict Detection Chatbot (Sayme)
    Sayme offers awareness of parallel work by informing developers of potential conflicts in real-time and help them in resolving those conflicts. Sayme is a collaboration chatbot which addresses the detection and resolution of potential code conflicts. As 10%-20% of all check-ins lead to a conflict and developers want to avoid them at all costs, Sayme is developed to provide awareness about potential conflicts before even check-ins happen in GitHub.
  2. Bug Report Chatbot
    Our bug report chatbot helps developers in writing a better bug report. As bug reports usually lack sufficient information or are redundant, a good bug report is a report which has all the neccessary information (e.g., how to reproduce) for the developer who will resolve the bug. This chatbot guides the bug reporter to explain all those information step by step and askes for more when the already provided ones are not sufficient.


Mini Conversations – our chatbots are designed to converse with users and obtain the neccessary information to accomplish their goals. While some bots are designed to chitchat and just be entertaining, other bots are not conversational and only are able to finish a task for the user. Our chatbots are designed in between: they hold short productive conversation to claify user’s goals and then help to achive it.

Personality – to promote a feeling of engagement, our chatbots are designed to vary their conversation, employ personalized messages and therefore become more relatable in their interactions. For example, instead of using simple words and repeating the same-boring phrases, a variety of words and phrases can used.

Predictive Heuristics and Machine Learning  – our chatbots try to anticipate some of the things that may be happening or needed in future and are designed to use predictive heuristics and machine learning in a more advanced way.

Collaboration and Mediator – design goal whereas most bots focus on automating certain tasks, our bots are designed to enhance human-human collaboration either directly by preserving conversations or indirectly by preparing information in a way that is more consumable for human.

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  • Hyeri Jung
  • Jaeun Choi
  • Seonkyu Kim
  • Sooyoung Baek