KnoCap is a tool that we are developing to collect highly important design bits from developers’ conversations during whiteboard design meetings. It is well-known that design meetings involve the generation of a lot of design information, not all of which is typically captured. KnoCap addresses this problem by relying on lightweight interactions (e.g., button clicks, short voice commands) so that important design bits can be captured in the moment as voice notes, and can be accessed and played back during future design meetings.


Important Design Bits – We do not seek to record an entire conversation, but only the Important Design Bits (IDBs) of it. We introduce the term IDB to refer to anything that might be considered imperative to future meetings (e.g., decisions, alternatives, rationale, assumptions, constraints, stakeholder goals, future to do’s, and more).

Human-machine partnership – KnoCap does not seek to be entirely automated. For both capture and delivery of IDBs, our approach establishes a fruitful but unobtrusive human-machine collaboration.

Collaborative – Our approach offers equal opportunity to capture IDBs to all participants in a meeting.

Lightweight, unobtrusive capture – It is crucial that designers are interrupted as little as possible when they are designing, as they otherwise would lose their flow. Yet, it is equally important that they have at least some control over what is captured.

Key publications

Current developers

Past developers

  • Hyunji Kim
  • Juwin Viray
  • David Garcia
  • Claudia Mastan
  • Niijan Al-Amin
  • Pang hangzhi
  • Zachary Little