We always have a range of opportunities to become involved in our laboratory and projects. We welcome visitors as well as collaborations with other institutions, and are happy to talk to anyone about how they can contribute. We particularly have a long history of working with M.S. and B.S. students, many of whom have made critical contributions to our projects.

The following represents some of the ideas we plan to pursue in the near future. Please feel free to contact us, whether pertaining to these ideas or a new project or idea that you have in mind.

Crowd Debugging

  • How to aggregate responses from the crowd in order to predict the location of software faults?
  • Where and when to ask questions?
  • Project page



  • Front end web development for a crowdsourcing tool.
  • Crowdsourcing peer review for sketches.
  • Project page



  • Design a client for Android and/or iOS devices
  • Build support for refining scraps into UML, Entity Relationship, or other diagrammatic notations
  • Explore sketching for domains other than software
  • Move it to a cloud-based infrastructure
  • Project page