Programming today regularly involves searching for source code online, whether through a general search engine such as Google or a specialized code search engine such as SearchCode, Ohloh, or GitHub. Searching typically is an iterative process, with developers adjusting the keywords they use based on the results of the previous query. However, searching in this manner is not ideal, because just using keywords places limits on what developers can express as well as the overall interaction that is required. Based on the observation that the results from one query create a context in which a next is formulated, we present CodeExchange, a new code search engine that we developed to explicitly leverage this context to support fluid, expressive modifications of queries.



Query recommendations: automatic recommendations for refining the query ​at each step of an iterative search

Critiques: supports refining the query relative to undesirable properties of the results​

Language constructs: supports refining the query with desirable parts of the results​

Query parts: supports fluidly turning on/off parts of a query​

Key publications

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